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Formed in 2010, The Hollowkind is an alternative metal band hailing from the Midlands in the UK. The band comprises Andy French, Mark (Jonah) Jones and Dave Hickman - all former members of the 80s New Wave of British Heavy Metal (NWOBHM) band Golgotha.

Details of how to buy the debut album Red Shift can be found on the music page.



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Andy French

Portrait of Andy French

Guitar, lead vocals

Andy takes on the role of writer and producer as well as that of Hollowkind front man.

Mark (Jonah) Jones

Portrait of Mark Jones

Bass, backing vocals

Having worked in numerous genres Jonah’s bass is now tasked to provide the power behind the Hollowkind sound.

Dave Hickman

Portrait of Dave Hickman


At the core of every rock band is someone skilled with sticks and skins. The Hollowkind is no exception.

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